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How Your Platform Can Benefit From Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

18 Jul 2018 6:01 PM | Anonymous

There is something unique and special about nonprofit organizations. They help make the world a better place on many (often unnoticed) levels. Charitable contributions to these organizations have many benefits, with the most important one being the most obvious one: You should give back to your community. Donations of your time and/or resources help to better your community, and the public notices when companies or individuals make a real effort to improve their surroundings and/or other important world matters. The opportunities with a nonprofit organization are endless and very helpful.

There are numerous reasons for your pageant platform to support nonprofit organizations, and any reason that motivates you to support a cause is a good one. Contributing to these causes can help change how others in the community or pageant industry view you and/or even affect how the judges make their decisions about you during a competition. It also can have a dramatic impact on somebody else, especially a person that lives with the condition of whatever cause you support. Picking a cause that you believe in and making your community a better place to live in is good for business. 

As the founder of The Tic Family Clic (which focuses on Tourette's awareness and education), I strongly believe that having others to get involved who are outside of the organization is critical, especially when it comes to enrolling others who have influential platforms of which they can help spread awareness. Any nonprofit organization or charity would gladly find a way to create a win-win for those who are supporting in whatever way that they can as the organization itself is receiving benefits from those who are helping their cause.

Just imagine if you could have a nonprofit organization speak highly of you and promote your pageant platform to express their sincere appreciation for your time and contribution to their cause. Again, if you're not already apart of an organization, I would highly recommend that you find one that you're passionate about and get involved. 

Here's how to get started with discovering which nonprofit is right for you and learn the best ways to get involved:

*Decide on a cause you would like to support.

*Do some research on organizations that support that particular cause.

*Do a thorough examination of those organizations to determine which one is the best fit for you.

*Choose the organization you feel the strongest about and get to know their vision.

*Start supporting the organization.

Getting involved with a charitable cause could be one of the best decisions you ever make, for you and your platform. It might very well boost your reputation and platform to heights you never thought were possible. The morale boost and the feeling of effective teamwork will go beyond the platform and extend to other areas of your life.

Written by Tom-Tom Singleton, Founder/CEO of The Tic Family Clic 

329 Sabal Park Pl #205  Longwood, FL  32779

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