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Question of the week: I don't know anyone to sell ad space to???

3 Jun 2018 6:22 PM | Anonymous

I recently received this question, and I have received this question multiple times in the past. I thought it would be best to write a blog post about it and cover the topic as in-depth as I can. Another contestant came to me and said in a very frustrated voice, "I can't sell ad space for the program book, I don't know anyone to sell ad space to". 

After taking a few moments to calm down I asked her to bring out a sheet of paper and a pencil, so I could help her brainstorm. You see, it's not that we don't know anyone that we can sell ad space to, it's that we're not thinking in the right mindset. I immediately began to ask her questions, such as Who sold you your car, where do you get your hair done, do you work out at a gym, who is your doctor, who teaches any hobbies or special interests that you have, etc. After I started asking her questions and she was immediately responding with an actual name I had her write that down on the paper. After about 30 minutes we had over 25 names on the list. What you have to do is sit down and ask yourself who do you know, who do you do business with, who do your friends and family do business with? Once you start thinking about it, you will come up with a multitude of names of potential sponsors for your program book ads.

So, sit down, pull out a sheet of paper and a pen or you can do this electronically if you'd prefer and ask yourself who do you know. Listed below are several questions you need to be asking yourself, this will help you get started. 

who do you know what your bank? 

Who Sold you your car?

who does your hair?

Where do you work out?

Who does your makeup?

Who is your doctor?

Who Sold you your house? 

Where do you buy your clothes? 

Who took your last photograph? 

What's your favorite Bakery? 

What's your favorite restaurant? 

Where did you buy the last gift for someone, such as a baby shower?

Who planned the last event you attended? 

Who do you know in direct sales?

Who Sold you your car insurance? 

Who did the mortgage on your house? 

Who do you know who teaches dance lessons? 

Who do you know who teaches a foreign language?

 Who do you know who teaches anything? 

Who do you know that has a daycare or works at a daycare? 

What do you know that has a pet service? 

Who is your pets veterinarian? 

who do you know that has braces, who is their orthodontist?

 who do you know that wears glasses, where did they get them?

who is your dentist? 

Who do you know that works for a catering service?

This should give you a great start on finding businesses to approach, good luck!

By:  Kerry Kathleen 


  • 16 Nov 2018 7:08 PM | Kerry Heaps
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