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What's next after Pageantry?

18 Apr 2018 10:55 AM | Anonymous

Part of the reason I started this magazine (besides my love for the Pageant Industry) was to offer a place of support for contestants that are building their platform and those that are getting ready to exit the industry.  Many Contestants can feel overwhelmed and a little depressed as their reign comes to an end.  Pageantry, like the modeling industry, can only go on for so long and the time for change comes too quickly.  Our goal has always been to help contestants build a strong platform that they can use to step into a new career or business when the time comes.  

After working with many contestants...this is what I have found to be helpful advice...

  1. Get a mentor, someone who you want to mirror in life or business.  Their advice is priceless.
  2. Make sure you stay healthy, eat right, exercise and take care of yourself first.
  3. Never let anyone tell you what you do isn't important, your platform provides hope and inspiration for many.
  4. If things are not working, don't be afraid to make changes.  Change is part of the process, embrace it.
  5. Be kind to other contestants, don't get caught up in petty gossip.
  6. If at any time you feel depressed, help another person.  The fastest way to forget about your problems is to help someone else with theirs.
  7. One day your looks will fade, so feed your mind, then your body.  Don't get too caught up on the outside.
  8. Mistakes are part of the process, everyone makes them.  
  9. If you are feeling alone, just know there is support out there, just ask for help.
  10. Enjoy the journey, its the part that lasts the longest.  
By Kerry Heaps

329 Sabal Park Pl #205  Longwood, FL  32779

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