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"Tell me about yourself" - How to answer the worst interview question

3 Apr 2018 5:18 PM | Anonymous

One of the most dreaded questions in the pageant interview, “Tell me about yourself?” As a judge, I never ask this question. The question itself is truly irrelevant. However, other judges will sometimes ask this question whether it's on stage, or during your private interview.  It's best to be prepared to answer this question, as you may also get this question during a job interview as well.

You need to know why they ask this question in the first place. Some judges feel that by asking this question they will get a well-rounded answer of who you truly are, what makes you tick and what you're all about.  However, you get just the opposite as the question is too broad, leaving contestants feeling that they must elaborate on every detail of their life.  Overall, it's a bad question but you may be put in the position where you will have to answer, so it's best to be prepared and practice your answer now.

The best way to answer a difficult question such as this, is to think about yourself, the pageant you're in and think about your platform. Jot down on a piece of paper just a few things (maximum of 3) about you.  Whether it's a hobby, your outlook on life, or why you are competing.  Next, jot down three items about your platform and why it's important to you. Lastly, jot down three items of your future plans. Those can be about school, your career, or personal things you may want to accomplish.

Next, pick the two most important items in each of those categories that you would want to discuss in an interview. Then start formulating your answer and how you would answer that question.  For example, if there are two items on your list that you would like to accomplish such as traveling the world and learning new languages. You would want to formulate that into an answer to say some of the things that I would like to accomplish is to be able to travel the world and learn new languages such as Mandarin and French. Then make sure the next two items that you picked flow easily as you talk, you don't want the answer to be too long or too short but to give them a good overview of who you are, where you're at and where you would like to go.

if you are asked this question during a job interview take the same approach.  Write down three things that you would like to accomplish professionally during your career whether it's educational, personal development or career development. Then take the top two answers from each category and make sure that they each flow into the other.  Practice your answer and make sure that you feel very comfortable with answering that question and make changes as needed as you move forward in your pageant career.

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