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Judges Interview - What you need to know

18 Jan 2018 8:21 PM | Anonymous

Being a Judge on the Pageant circuit has taught me many things. Its given me valuable insight for reading people, as I’ve learned a lot about body language. Its also one of the most difficult positions, as you can only choose one winner, every time. Many contestants find the Judges a mystery, especially when they don’t win. Keep in mind, the Judges decisions are final in all pageant systems and most travel the circuit, judge and sit on various panels. So keeping your opinions to yourself is not only professional, but a wise decision. We’ve compiled a list of things you should know about the judging process to help you further understand what gets factored into their decision making process.

They have a mixed amount of experience. A standard Judges panel will consist of a few very seasoned judges and some that have little to no experience judging pageants. This helps to balance out the scoring. You won’t really know the level of experience each Judge has, however if you are supplied their biography, take the time to study it. This can help you when you are in a one on one or panel interview to know what their likes/dislikes or background is comprised of.

They each have a different perspective. Every Judge looks at the Pageant and its contestants differently. They also have different ideas of what the winner should be like, typically no two Judges are exactly alike in what the are looking for in a contestant.

They know when you are not prepared. This is fairly standard with all Judges. Just like a job interview, they can tell when you are nervous and when you are not prepared. Your best defense is a great offense, so make sure you are working with a coach or practicing your interview questions and brushing up on current events right up to the pageant date.

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